The Game-Changer in Vehicle Listings

Magic Lister: Transform Listings, Transform Sale

Stop wasting hours on listings. Harness AI. List faster, price smarter, and sell quicker.


Zero to Listed in Seconds Manual data entry is dead. Drag, drop, and watch MagicLister's AI fill in the details. Your inventory is live before you know it.

Pricing? Let AI Take the Wheel Never second-guess your pricing again. Real-time, data-backed pricing, influenced by giants like KBB and Carfax, is now your new norm.

Photos Worth a Thousand Sales Imagine your photos, but better. AI-enhanced visuals mean your listings aren’t just seen; they’re felt

Avatar image of Alex Turner
Alex Turner

GM, CitySide Motors

Before MagicLister, listings took hours. Now? Minutes. It's transformed our workflow and supercharged our sales.

Avatar image of Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez

Owner, Gonzalez Autos

Pricing used to be a gamble. With MagicLister's AI suggestions, we're always on the mark. Sales have never been better.

Avatar image of Lucy Kim
Lucy Kim

Sales Head, FastLane Autos

We've cut down listing time by 40%. That means more time engaging customers and closing deals.

Avatar image of Raj Patel
Raj Patel

Digital Lead, Metro Cars

From one platform to another, it was a hassle. Now? A single click. MagicLister is a game-changer.

Time is Money

Transform Mediocre Photos into Masterpieces

  • AI-Powered Enhancement: Upload your vehicle photos and watch Magic Lister transform them. Clearer, brighter, better.

  • No More Bad Listings: A picture speaks a thousand words. Ensure yours are saying "Buy Me" with our state-of-the-art photo enhancement.

  • Stand Out in the Crowd: In a sea of listings, make sure yours catches the eye. With Magic Lister, every photo is a masterpiece.


Pricing Suggestion

Price It Right, Every Time

  • Real-Time Market Analysis: Don't guess. Know. Magic Lister analyzes real-time market data to suggest the best price for your vehicle.

  • Maximize Your Profits: Price too high, and it won't sell. Too low, and you're leaving money on the table. Hit the sweet spot with Magic Lister.

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Markets change. Be the first to know and adjust with our AI-driven insights, ensuring you're always ahead of the competition.


Seamless Listing Distribution

Distribute Everywhere, Effortlessly

  • Automated Distribution: Set it up once, and let Magic Lister do the rest. Your inventory is automatically pushed to top platforms like CarGurus, Facebook Marketplace,, Google Vehicle Listing Program, and 50 more.

  • Always in Sync: Changes in your inventory? No worries. Magic Lister ensures your listings are always updated and synced across all platforms, without lifting a finger.

  • Peace of Mind: With Magic Lister running in the background, you can focus on what you do best: selling cars. We handle the distribution, ensuring maximum visibility and reach.


our tools

Dealer Essentials: The Backbone of Your Success

    Instant, Accurate Listings

    Tired of manual listings? Our AI does the heavy lifting. Snap a photo, and watch Magic Lister craft the perfect listing in seconds.

    No More Typing. Just Confirming.

    Manual data entry is so last decade. Let our AI do the heavy lifting. You just confirm. Save hours, sell more.

    Pricing That Sells

    Don't guess. Know. Get AI-backed pricing suggestions that reflect the market. List it right, sell it fast.

    Photos That Turn Heads

    First impressions matter. Let AI enhance your photos to make every vehicle look its best. More clicks, more interest, more sales.

    List Everywhere. With One Click.

    Why limit your reach? With one click, spread your listings across platforms. It's not magic, it's MagicLister.

    Review. Confirm. Celebrate.

    No surprises. Review every detail, confirm your choices, and watch the magic happen. Plus, save drafts for later. It's flexibility at its finest.

optimized for every device

Join the Revolution in Car Dealership Management

Be one of the trailblazers who experience the future of dealership management. Our platform is not just another tool; it’s a game-changer.

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our origins

Evolving Car Dealerships Through Cutting-Edge Technology

Born from a Car Dealer's Vision

Our software is the brainchild of a small car dealership owner who saw the need for smarter, data-driven solutions. This vision paved the way for what our platform has become today.

Our Story

Empowered by AI and Machine Learning

Professionally built using the latest technologies, our platform integrates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to offer unprecedented insights and automation to car dealerships.

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