Introducing DealStream™

Tired of Paperwork Mess? We've Got Your Back.

Overwhelmed by deals, contracts, and compliance? DealStream™ is your roadmap. Navigate the complexities of car sales, stay compliant, and close deals with unmatched precision.


Seal Deals Faster Cut the paperwork and close deals in record time with guided processes.

Stay on Top, Stress-Free Centralized deal management means no more juggling or missing out.

Boost Your Sales Game With automated document generation and real-time compliance checks, every deal is a potential win.

Avatar image of Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez

Owner, Gonzalez Motors

DealStream™ has transformed how we manage our portfolio. Every deal, every document, all in one place. It's like having a personal assistant for every sale.

Avatar image of Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim

Marketing Manager, City Car Dealership

The Contracts & Forms automation in DealStream™ is a lifesaver. Compliance used to be a nightmare, but now it's a breeze. And the Credit Bureaus integration? Simply genius.

Avatar image of James Thompson
James Thompson

General Manager, Elite Auto Sales

DealStream™ turned our dealership around. From chaotic paperwork to smooth, fast deal closures, it's been a game-changer.

Avatar image of Anita Patel
Anita Patel

Finance Officer, QuickDrive Autos

Before DealStream™, I was drowning in contracts and compliance issues. Now, I can focus on what I love - selling cars and building relationships.

The Ultimate Deal Toolkit

Tired of Lost Opportunities? Organize & Track Every Deal.

  • Portfolio Management: No more missed follow-ups or lost leads. Every deal, tracked to perfection.

  • Contracts & Forms: Automated, compliant, and tailored. Eliminate the tedious manual entries and errors.

  • Deal Management: From lead to close, streamline every step. No more deal drop-offs.

  • Credit Bureaus: Instant checks, no delays. No more waiting or guessing a customer's creditworthiness.


Elevate Every Deal Interaction

Frustrated with Inefficient Negotiations? Optimize Every Deal.

  • Desking Tool: Maximize profits with strategic negotiations. Every deal, optimized.

  • Payment Process: Seamless, secure, swift. Eliminate payment delays and complications.

  • Aftermarket And F&I: Upsell with precision. No more missed revenue opportunities.

  • Quickbooks Integration: Financial management, without the chaos. All your data, synced and organized.


Stay Ahead, Stay Compliant

Overwhelmed with Compliance & Mobility? Stay Updated On-the-Go.

  • Electronic License Titling & Temp Tags: No more waiting or compliance issues. Instant, accurate, and compliant.

  • Mobile App: Your dealership, now in your pocket. Close deals, check credits, manage portfolios, anytime, anywhere.


The Genius Behind DealStream™

When Cutting-Edge Tech Meets Dealership Pains

    Drowning in Paperwork?

    With DealStream™, dive into a world where deals are not about paperwork but about people. Streamline every document, every process, every sale.

    Compliance Nightmares Keeping You Up?

    Rest easy. DealStream™ ensures you're always updated, always compliant. Say goodbye to last-minute scrambles and hello to peace of mind.

    Tech Overwhelm?

    DealStream™ is designed with dealers in mind. Intuitive, user-friendly, and backed by a support team that's always ready to assist.

    Lost in a Sea of Deals?

    Organize, track, and manage every deal with precision. With DealStream™, every lead is a potential success story.

    Want to Boost Your Upsells?

    Dive into Aftermarket And F&I with DealStream™. Know what your customers want, even before they do, and maximize every revenue opportunity.

    Mobility Matters

    With the DealStream™ Mobile App, your dealership is as mobile as you are. Access, manage, and close deals anytime, anywhere.

The Genius Behind DealStream™

When Cutting-Edge Tech Meets Dealership Pains

Tired of juggling countless documents, missing out on deals, or facing compliance nightmares? DealStream™ is your solution. Crafted with the challenges of car dealerships in mind, it's the perfect blend of advanced technology and industry insight. Dive in to transform every deal into a seamless experience.

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We've been there. We've felt the frustrations. That's why we built DealStream™ - the ultimate solution to every dealership's challenges.

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Advanced features, intuitive design, and a relentless focus on solving real dealership challenges. That's the DealStream™ promise.

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