Command Profits

Drive Earnings Sky-High with CashControl™

Deploy CashControl™ and tap into centuries of financial acumen, turning your dealership into a profit powerhouse.


Automated Invoicing Say goodbye to manual invoicing and let CashControl™ handle it for you. Create professional invoices, send them to clients, and get paid faster.

Expense Tracking Track every penny with ease using CashControl™'s expense tracking feature. Stay organized, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize your budget.

Payment Processing Accept payments seamlessly with CashControl™'s integrated payment processing feature. Simplify your payment collection process and provide a seamless experience for your customers.

Avatar image of Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez

Owner, Rodriguez Motors

I used to spend hours on tedious data entry for each vehicle in inventory. With Dealer Essential's MagicLister, I just upload photos and the AI handles the rest. It’s like having an extra employee without the added costs!

Avatar image of Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim

Marketing Manager, City Car Dealership

Dealer Essential has been a game-changer for our marketing. We effortlessly list vehicles across multiple platforms and our listings have never looked better. It saves so much time and our sales have skyrocketed

Avatar image of Elijah Walker
Elijah Walker

Sales Manager, AutoChoice Dealership

Scheduling appointments with potential buyers was a hassle. Dealer Essential's integrated calendar and chat feature streamlines everything, freeing up time to focus on customer satisfaction.

Avatar image of Anita Patel
Anita Patel

Finance Officer, QuickDrive Autos

The financial reporting features of Dealer Essential are top-notch. I can generate accurate financial reports in minutes, not hours. The insights we’ve gained have been invaluable in making smarter business decisions.

Track with Precision

Invoicing at Lightspeed

  • Ignite your invoicing efficiency. CashControl™ delivers at the speed of thought, keeping your cash flow full throttle.

  • Expenses Under the Hood

  • Pinpoint every financial detail. CashControl™ brings a laser focus to your expenses, fueling strategic budgeting.


Payments in Overdrive

Forecast the Fast Lane

  • Outrace uncertainty. CashControl™’s forecasting tools give you the pole position in financial planning.

  • Tax Mastery Mechanism

  • Navigate the tax terrain with precision. CashControl™ is your co-pilot for a smooth compliance journey.

  • Profit & Loss Precision


Cash Flow Turbocharged

Seamless Ledger Link-Up

  • Sync your financials with QuickBooks at the push of a button. CashControl™ is the high-octane boost your accounting needs

  • Analyze Cash with Clarity

  • CashControl™ turns cash flow analysis into your strategic dashboard, driving financial decisions with confidence.


Pursue Excellence

Navigate to Prosperity with CashControl™

    Real-Time Finances

    With CashControl™, your financials are as live as your sales floor, giving you the pulse of your business instantly.

    Autopilot Invoicing

    Switch to auto-invoicing with CashControl™. Save time, reduce errors, and get payments rolling in like clockwork.

    Effortless Cost Tracking

    CashControl™ transforms expense tracking from a chore to a strategic advantage, driving down costs while boosting profits.

    Streamlined Payment Gear

    Accelerate your payment processes with CashControl™, delivering a seamless, high-speed customer payment experience.

    Financial Pathfinding

    Chart a course for financial success with the advanced forecasting tools of CashControl™, your dealership's navigator.

    Tax Navigation System

    With CashControl™, tax compliance is not just managed; it's mastered, keeping your dealership on course and in control.

optimized for every device

Join the Revolution in Car Dealership Management

Be one of the trailblazers who experience the future of dealership management. Our platform is not just another tool; it’s a game-changer.

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Lead the Pack

Stay in Control

P&L Performance Tuning

Fine-tune your financial performance with CashControl™'s profit and loss analytics, revving up your revenue and trimming the fat on expenses.

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Cash Flow Diagnostics

Run a full diagnostic on your cash flow with CashControl™ and get a comprehensive health report on your dealership's financial engine.

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